My senior pictures with Lauren was such an awesome experience! She was so helpful in the process leading up to it by supplying tips, heads up, and just advice to help the photo shoot flow better. Planning outfits was definitely stressful because I wanted to make sure they were perfect but she did an awesome job at helping me choose which outfits, shoes and accessories to wear. The days leading up to the photo shoot I was so nervous. I was so paranoid my face was going to break out or my hair wouldn’t cooperate. When the day of the photo shoot came, they did an awesome job with my hair and makeup and I couldn’t have been happier. During the shoot I had SO much fun. It was an awesome experience and I’m so happy I chose to do my senior pictures this way instead of just in a boring studio, it was so cool to go to various locations. Overall, my experience was incredible and I would do it all over again. I really would recommend Lauren to do your senior pictures if you’re looking to have a fantastic time while doing it! – Alexis M.

Leading up to the shoot I definitely wasn’t worried at all. Since I was a rep for Lauren I knew her style and what to expect, I knew she would help me a lot. She sent me tips and tricks to make sure that my hair and skin was completely ready for the shoot. She also sent me tons of cute ideas just in case I was stumped on what to wear. This made planning outfits & the days leading up to the shoot completely exciting and stress-free. Because of how helpful Lauren was I didn’t have to worry at all. I was so excited-I was finally taking my senior photos!! When I arrived at the salon the day of the shoot everyone was so helpful and so very sweet. We discussed hair & makeup styles and everything came out absolutely perfect. Once the shoot actually began it was so much fun. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take my senior photos at all but Lauren came up with the most random places on the spot that lead to some really great photos. You’d be surprised how the most odd and random places make for the best scenery (like a bank parking lot!!). Through out the shoot there was so many laughs. She made the experience so effortless for me and the compliments and shots she showed me from the back of the camera made me so excited to see all the rest of them. Lauren truly is a great photographer and I am so happy to have the opportunity to not only be her rep, but also get my senior pics done with her. I really don’t think I could have asked for anything more. -Kaitlyn P.

My experience with Lauren was one of a kind. Going into the shoot I was afraid that my photos wouldn’t reflect my personality. But Lauren made sure that we did! The stylist that Lauren hired was great, she made sure I was okay with my hair and makeup (seeing as how I’m picky about those two things). Then getting to go to the different locations that I wanted to go to were out of the way but we did. I’m always a little intimidated getting in front of the camera but this time it just felt natural. She made me feel confident and beautiful! I wouldn’t suggest going anywhere else other than to Lauren for a one-of-a-kind senior experience. Senior year only comes once and I’m glad that I’ll have the memories of high school all wrapped up in the photos taken by Lauren! -Ashley R.

With senior year already being stressful enough, the last thing you want to be a hassle is your senior pictures. Lauren definitely made sure that my senior photos experience was a breeze. I’m pretty much always in a t-shirt and jeans because putting together outfits has never been my specialty. With Lauren, all I had to do was bring a bunch of my clothes and accessories and she put together perfect outfits that fit my personality and style. Getting ready for the shoot was very easygoing! I was nervous because I’m very picky with the way my hair and makeup is done but the stylists that Lauren hired were amazing and made me look exactly how I pictured it. I appreciate Lauren especially because she was willing to travel all the way to Deland to take my pictures downtown. Throughout the shoot she made me feel beautiful and comfortable. Every photo she took was unique in its own way. Over all, Lauren is a great photographer and an even better person. I will always recommend her for senior pictures! -Katelyn S.

I was so excited to do my senior session with Lauren!! After talking with her choosing outfits and locations, I knew it was going to be such a fun day because she has such a positive attitude! I was a little nervous at first because I wanted my pictures to come out perfect- but once we started, Lauren made me feel comfortable and confident and never failed to remind me how great they were coming out! She had great location ideas and had a variety of poses that ended up looking amazing. The ordering session was probably my favorite part. My pictures turned out absolutely amazing and there was such a variety to choose from. She makes it feel very personal and devotes a lot of time to ensuring you pick out the right package for you and your family, making edits as you go through. My grad cards were so special because I got to choose the layout and work with Lauren directly to make sure they were just what I wanted! Lauren has an amazing personality on top of her photography talents which makes the entire process so fun, personal, and creative! I definitely recommend her for any senior picture needs. -Caitlyn C.

Lauren is probably the most down to earth human being I have ever met. I am lucky enough to say I had the pleasure to work with her as an assistant AS WELL AS being shot by her for my senior photos. I know both sides of her as business woman and a good friend. I couldn’t ask for a better human to enter my life. During my senior session, Lauren made me feel extremely confident and comfortable. She will take photos without you even realizing you were ready and they come out Incredible. My overall experience with her (or for anyone) was/will be, a treat. She brings out everyone’s beauty and treats everyone with great respect. I learned a lot from Lauren, not only assisting her, but through my senior session. I learned how to pay attention to the little things that create such stunning photos. All in all, working with her is always worth it. She’s the big sister anyone wishes to have. -Tina D.

I was grateful that I already knew Lauren of Anneliese Photography was going to be my senior photographer. She was the photographer for my older sister, Josie, and the photos were amazing. The hair and makeup artist was great, and gave me just the look I wanted. The session was incredible. I brought props – a hazmat suit and mask 🙂 and my instrument – and Lauren knew just what to do. She is extremely intuitive in picking perfect locations and arranging poses.  Lauren knew how important these senior photos were to me, and she did not let me down. She managed to see “me” in the most beautiful way! I recommend Anneliese Photography to everyone! -Madison M.

My experience with Lauren was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better session, because she is so fun and easy to work with! She made me feel so beautiful, everything was extremely organized, I got every picture and angle that I could’ve dreamed of- and she truly worked with me and what I wanted. My expectations were far beyond achieved, and I am so thankful that I was able to experience such a fun, easy, organized, and beautiful senior session. Everything was extremely timely from the booking to the last picture I received- working with Lauren was unbelievable! I am absolutely IN LOVE with my photos, and was so thankful for the hair and makeup she put together for me. She allowed me to express myself, and had the best photo opportunities in mind for me to feel comfortable, and make the session super easy and stress free. If you’re looking for any type of lifestyle photo shoot, hit Lauren up for a carefree, beautiful, organized, and timely session! -Amy R.

One of the best decisions I made during my time in high school was applying to be a rep for Anneliese Photography. When it became time to take my senior pictures it was a no brained to have Lauren as my Photographer. Through the many shoots I’ve done with Lauren, especially my senior shoot, I have experienced nothing short of complete comfort. From the planning process, to shoot day, through my viewing session, Lauren was available at all times to help make the process as easy as possible. My favorite thing about having my senior photos done with Lauren was the way she helped to make each individual senior shoot personalized to the seniors interest. I couldn’t tell you how many times I blew up Lauren’s phone with outfit/hair ideas or pose inspirations, and every time I would get immediate response with how we could incorporate that into my shoot. After finally settling on Deland as the location for my shoot, Lauren trekked all over town with me to find the best locations and backdrops to make my photos exactly what I envisioned them to be. One of the things that made my experience with Lauren so unique was the personal hair and makeup stylist she had arranged to help me look my absolute best on shoot day! Lauren met me at the salon and not only helped me decide on the right look for the day but also kept me company and feeling confident the entire time. In addition to all the work Lauren does throughout the planning process and on shoot day, she also welcomes you to her home for the gallery viewing and ordering process which is a thousand times more personal and comforting then being sent your gallery via email. There is no doubt in my mind that Lauren is the best option for senior pictures and that you will not be disappointed! –Hannah W.

ChristenBarney20My experience leading up to my session was pretty stress free because finding my location and having Lauren help with finding outfits that would photograph well was really helpful. Plus I love to shop so getting some new outfits was fun (:
I was kind of nervous, just because I really wanted my pictures to turn out perfect (of course they did) but I was definitely more excited, having done shoots with Lauren before, I already knew it was going to be a fun day and she was going to make it the best experience possible. My session was perfect! Lauren traveled exactly where I wanted to take my photos and already knew multiple spots that fit my look perfectly. I felt completely comfortable the whole time and like I looked fabulous because she was so sweet to keep reminding me how great they looked (: And of course we were cracking up the whole time at everything!
I loved having an ordering session and I know my mom did too. Everything was set up really nice and I loved how Lauren already had multiple samples and ideas set up for me to see. I LOVE LOVE LOVED MY PHOTOS! They turned out better than I could’ve even imagined. I looked natural in my poses and the editing wasn’t over done and they captured the exact look that I wanted. Everything I ordered came out perfect and I got them fast, which I loved. All of my family has enjoyed all of the photos I’ve sent them. My favorite was the album that Lauren designed, it has almost all of my photos all together and easy to look at. My overall experience was exactly as I wanted it. From start to finish Lauren made the whole experience easy and enjoyable. I never had anything to worry about, I just had fun! My photos came out exactly as I wanted and all of my products were perfect (:
Thank you so so much to Lauren! Being a rep the past year has been great and I appreciate all of the shoots I’ve been apart of, especially my very own senior shoot (: I would recommend Lauren to any and every senior looking to have senior pictures done. You’ll get not only a great experience, but wonderful products (: -Christen B.

I was really excited in the days leading up to my session! Senior pictures are something that should be fun and enjoyable and Lauren made sure it was nothing less than a great experience. Planning outfits is definitely something I’m not good at but as always Lauren was a big help and even rearranged ones I had in mind to make them even better! Lauren made sure to make my experience very personal and unique.
My photos turned out amazing! There were so many different options to choose from for my prints and products! I love them! Being able to meet and order my images was helpful because it was helpful to see samples of everything in person. One of the best things about having a local photographer shoot my senior pictures was the fact that there are so many different product options than big photography companies have. I know that I would not have the chance to get an awesome custom album and USB at a big studio. The products are so creative and will really make preserving my senior picture memories so much better and easier!
I am extremely glad I chose to work with Anneliese Photography for this experience. It was personal, and fun. I couldn’t ask for anything more!-Lore’ B.


My experience leading up to my session was somewhat stressful, but very worth it. Everything has to be perfect so I was kind of nervous about shopping! The days leading up to the session were exciting and nerve racking (I GOT A PIMPLE!!!) and I forgot to get my nails done!! All in all, I was very excited because I knew Lauren would work it out and it would be fun.
My experience with Leo was amazing, I love what she did with my hair and she made me feel so pretty! I actually was thinking about making her my hair stylist.
The session with Lauren was very fun, I would do it all over again…
I loved the ordering session, Lauren has amazing ideas and amazing candies to go with it all. I love my photos, but more importantly my family does! I am so obsessed with my book album and my announcement cards! I loved EVERYTHING! Wouldn’t change anything about it.-Sydney W.

Leading up to my session I thought everything was super well planned out, the most stressful part was just deciding between what I wanted to wear. I was super excited especially since I had seen the kinds of photos done from other sessions previous to mine, and thought they had turned out super nice. I really liked the way my hair and makeup turned out for the shoot, and thought the people who did it paid close attention to what I had wanted to look like and successfully achieved that. My session was super amazing! I absolutely loved the different places that we shot at, and thought the creative angles and poses made my shoot unique and fun. I loved the ordering session because it definitely allowed for me to listen to my different options and to look through all my pictures with my mom and see what her opinion on what her favorites were. I loved my photos I thought they were super nice quality and I looked like myself in all of them personality and style wise which made me super happy.I love the products I ordered especially the grad cards because I got to help design the way they looked so that they fit in with my style. My family especially loved the products that we ordered as well. I would describe my overall experience as fun, throughout the entire experience from picking out outfits to ordering pictures I was 100% satisfied with everything and how all the pictures turned out and would definitely go back and do it again. It was so much fun! I absolutely loved my senior picture experience and thank you so much for making it so amazing! -Rachel S.


10 out of 10 –
5 Stars –
#BestPhotoSessionEver –Anneliese Photography is simply the best.  From the time we booked our session with Lauren, through the last photo, this was the most amazing, organized photo session I have participated in.  As a “Dance Mom’ and “Cheer Mom” there have been plenty of photographers and sessions but Lauren was head and shoulders above any I have worked with.   Starting with her questionnaire, outfit and preparation documents, hair and make-up (love, love, love, Salon Salon) to the photo session day – every step of the journey was planned and executed with the utmost professionalism.  I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a photo session! -Wendy (Susanna’s mom)

My experience leading up to my senior pictures was amazing! Lauren helped a lot with picking out the outfits and helping me pick what looks best on me and on camera! She’s was flexible with times and accommodating what I needed. In the days leading up to my senior session, I was super excited! Since I was a rep before my shoot, I knew Lauren & was totally comfortable with her. But, she is a great woman & an amazing photographer! She’s so easy to talk to and feel comfortable with! My hair & make up experience was great! Finn did my hair and he was easy to talk to & did a great job with my hair! Miranda did my makeup & she did AMAZING! I’m the type of person that gets nervous with other people doing my makeup because I have a specific way I do it since it’s what I love to do, but she did such a great job! I loved it! My senior session was an all-around awesome, fun experience. We shot my pictures in St. Augustine. It was fun to see the locations in person & then see how they come out in pictures. My overall experience with my senior session was, like I said before, amazing! Lauren is so great at everything she does. Being a rep with her just made the experience that much better! I HIGHLY suggest getting your senior pictures done with Lauren because there’s no one else that compares! -Emilly H.

Our photo shoot experience with Lauren was absolutely amazing!! Our day first started with hair and makeup, then we started our journey for the photo shoot. Lauren customized to my daughter’s hobbies. We went to MHS football field to take beautiful photos of Emilly in her cheer uniform, then we went to St. Augustine and she captured amazing photos! We ended the evening at a street covered with wonderful oaks. it was getting dark but she used her magic and really neat light and the results were breathtaking!!
I am so in love with all the photos and the whole experience! Lauren truly loves what she does and spend quality time time with each and every client! -Casey (Emilly’s mom)

Lauren did a wonderful job creating lasting memories of my son’s senior year through her photography. She incorporated his personality and captured him beautifully! -Kris (Caleb’s mom)

My experience leading up to my session was great. Lauren was there to look at every outfit I had picked out and helped me pick out the best outfits! Before my session I was extremely nervous! But so excited at the same time. I had heard of all these good reviews and friends who have gone to Lauren for pictures and I was just hoping my pictures would come out the same way! Leo (the hair and makeup lady) is awesome. She wants to make sure everything is the way you want before your pictures and makes sure you look beautiful! During my session it was so much fun. Lauren always had a smile on her face and wanted to make everyone else laugh. It was a great time! My ordering session was fun. I’m glad I got to bring one of my friends and my mom cried a bit. We had snacks and drinks available and got to see my amazing pictures. I didn’t like my photos at all, I absolutely LOVED them! Ten times better than the studio the school uses! I’m overly obsessed with my big storyboard. Everything has reasonable prices and are beautiful pieces.
My overall experience was great. I wish I could be a senior again and do it all over. It was so much fun and I would recommend it to everyone! -Julissa O.

Anneliese Photography is the best company ever! Lauren, the photographer, is such a sweet caring and fun person to be around. She made my senior photo shoot so much fun. I had a photo shoot done a while back (with another photographer) and they were completely boring. I recommend Anneliese Photography for anyone that is looking for a fun experience! -Courtney S.

“Thank you Lauren for a great experience. I am continuing to hand out your cards. You truly are good at what you do, you have a gift. Thank you again! -April (Courtney’s mom)

Lauren is a wonderful person, she has such a creative spirit! She trudges through any storm in order to get a perfect set of photos. I can see her mind automatically thinking ahead with what she can do next to either improve or change up the scenery and/or pose. She is a brilliant person naturally and this skill and talent God has blessed her with will go to the moon and back. -Lian L.