Hi there! Thank you so very much for coming to check out my work!

I just want to let you know- I love what I do. Being able to create an image that captures the personality, style and beauty (both inside and outside) of my clients is the best feeling in the world!

A little about me:
-I love chocolate. Chocolate and peanut butter is the best. Period.
-Penguins are my thing. I’ve even got a penguin cookie jar!
-I thoroughly enjoy cooking, especially if I can make something fantastic out whatever I have in the fridge.
-I have an awesome husband named Ethan and two pups that like to play. All. The. Time.
-I love Jesus and I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without Him.
-I really like getting to know my clients… I think it’s awesome when I can start calling them friends!

And I’m totally down with my clients texting me, just saying.

I’d love to hang out with you and create some fabulous memories!


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